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Fish & Nankivell is recognised as the pre-eminent Australian owned executive search firm with offices in Melbourne and Canberra. Having been founded in 1984, Fish & Nankivell is the oldest locally owned search firm in Australia.

The firm is 100% owned by the partners. This gives us a vested interest in building a sustainable business through client satisfaction. From our Head Office at 1 Collins Street Melbourne, we conduct assignments across Australia.

Fish & Nankivell is one of the founding members of Penrhyn International (, a partnership of independently owned executive search firms located in all the commercial centres around the world. Penrhyn provides us with international expertise and global reach. Penrhyn is currently ranked in the top 15 global search firms.


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Fish & Nankivell
Level 7, No 1 Collins street
Melbourne VIC 3000

+61 9654 7622


We are different...

There are many executive search firms. What makes Fish & Nankivell different?

  • Our ability to provide professional advice derived from our many years of executive general management experience and over 30 years in the executive search industry.
  • Our commitment to fundamental research, including in-depth discussions about potential candidates with major experts in the field on each search.
  • Our commitment to knowledge management, with information gleaned from previous assignments forming a rich set of insights into individuals’ reputations, motivations and aspirations, and stored using the best executive search software in the world.

  • Our high-level attention to detail – in this firm, all initial contact with potential candidates and sources is conducted by a Partner rather than delegating this important work (which also represents our clients in the marketplace) to a junior.
  • Our ownership – 100% owned by the Partners, which means 100% Australian-owned and, most importantly, 100% owned by those conducting the assignment.
  • Our 30-year plus history in the Australian market, and our standing as a ‘best in class’ brand that comes from consistent high-level client satisfaction.